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Singapore 1st August 2001

Building Great Teams is Top New Management Priority
Effective Team Building is the number one skill that new managers must possess if they want to thrive in today's economy. Senior managers and Human Resource specialists are united in this belief, according to a survey conducted by The NBO Group.

The survey listed 20 Competencies for New Managers and asked respondents to identify those competencies that were most important to their organizations. Two separate groups were canvassed - Senior Management and Human Resource specialists - drawn from global MNCs as well as locally-based Asia-Pacific organizations.

The attached comparison graph shows extensive concurrence between the two groups' ratings. Both groups identified Building Effective Teams as the most essential skill - this came top for 89% of senior managers and 78% of HR personnel. Motivating Others and Timely Decision Making also made the top five for both groups. Senior managers rated Building Effective Teams and Motivating Others equal first at 89%, while HRs rated Motivating Others at 69%. Timely Decision Making scored 77% from the Senior Management vote, and 65% from the HR group.

The Top Five Competencies for both groups are:

Senior Management Human Resources
Building Effective Teams (89%) Building Effective Teams (78%)
Motivating Others (89%) Conflict Management (69%)
Timely Decision Making (77%) Motivating Others (68%)
Attitude (72%) Timely Decision Making (65%)
Action Oriented (64%) Developing Direct Reports (59%)

Just three competencies received a significantly different rating from the two groups (a gap of more than 15%). These were Attitude (senior managers 72%; HRs 45%); Peer Relationships (Senior Managers 21%; HRs 39%); and Priority Setting (Senior Management 60%; HRs 42%).

The survey was sent to 758 individuals, by post and by e-mail. The response rate exceeded 20% - which is very high for a survey of this type.

"We weren't too surprised that Effective Team-building came first," said Gary Nelson, Managing Director of The NBO Group. "Mergers and Acquisitions, together with global working practices, have created a pressing need to understand other cultures, other ways of working. Companies can only capitalize on the opportunities available if people work together effectively as teams, across borders, across functions."

"We are delighted with the response to our survey," continued Mr Nelson. "We circulated the e-mail version one morning and by lunch-time replies were coming through thick and fast. This initiative demonstrates that developing new managers is a top priority in the region." He added that The NBO Group will be working closely with respondents to introduce products that meet management training needs identified by the survey.

Breakdown of percentage scores for each competency
Competencies Senior Mgmt % HR %
Action Oriented 64% 58%
Attitude 72% 45%
Caring about Direct Reports 28% 30%
Comfort Around Higher Management 34% 37%
Command Skills 15% 18%
Conflict Management 60% 69%
Confronting Direct Reports 9% 14%
Timely Decision Making 77% 65%
Delegation 60% 44%
Developing Direct Reports 58% 59%
Hiring and Staffing 34% 32%
Interpersonal Savvy 51% 54%
Managerial Courage 45% 49%
Managing and Measuring work 51% 50%
Motivating Others 89% 68%
Peer Relationships 21% 39%
Presentation Skills 40% 42%
Priority Setting 60% 42%
Self Knowledge 43% 34%
Building Effective Teams 89% 78%

About NBO Group The NBO Group is a leadership development, consulting and training organization.

We are a team of dedicated consultants working on curriculum development and program design. Based on our client companies' unique culture & requirements, we design training interventions and programs to fit their specific objectives. Individual and organizational success is our primary metric.


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