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Issue 115   Consciousness - Pondering and Reflecting       
ISSN: 0219-4147

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"Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable."
Henry Louis Mencken

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Consciousness - Pondering and Reflecting Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of Christ has received a lot of press, some great some not. The interesting issue is the range of emotions on what has been historically written from 3 years of Christ's death, the Gospels, and resurrection to current writing, 2000 years later.

The interest to me is of course the history but it's also the power of the human mind. Its ability to ponder, think, take positions, argue, reflect all from 3 pounds of meat - that's the weight of the average brain.The brain and associated soul or what your belief wishes to call it is incredible in its power. Darwin in his writing noted that all life evolved from some primal soup. If so, then when did the evolving 3 pounds of meat decide to do things non-sequentially?

The most amazing wonder of humanity is this "free will" and spirit that allows us to think. We make choices, reflect on these choices, debate with ourselves over these choices and on and on. We have compassion and empathy for others. We can watch children being mistreated on CNN in Somalia, a place 99.9 % of Americans never heard of, and we want to fix the problem, compassion at work.

This 3 pounds of meat didn't think empathetically, it was something else inside all of us; values and a sense of right and wrong. That comes from somewhere else in our being. Scientists can isolate left brain function and right brain function, motor skills etc but I have yet to read where empathy, pondering, reflecting and love are located in the brain.

There are lots of questions on where this all came from as others in the animal world don't seen to have these capabilities. I would chalk it up to FAITH, not science.

Ponder it!

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